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Post production or editing is where we put together your raw footage into something that follows the script and makes sense.  We can add titles, music, voice-over narration and film effects.  We use a digital non-linear editing suite which gives your project an array of professional sound & visual effects. We offer clean effects for short films, concerts, stage productions and other professional events. But we also have the fun effects for home movies and other personal projects. In addition to post-production editing, we also offer DVD & Blu-ray authoring. Whether you need simple compression for your short video master, or complex menus and scene selections for your longer masterpiece, we can do it. We offer professional authoring for your DVD or Blu-ray, and we can customize your release, by adding special features. Such as motion menus, motion video thumbnails, BTS or "making of" video , slide show, director's commentary, 3D titles and more. We also offer DVD and CD duplication services and a wide array of packaging options for a complete professional and functioning product.

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